This ice cream I made with raspberries that my mother brought me, it has a lot, so enjoy recipes that contain raspberries !! I had them in the kitchen and I wanted you to be able to enjoy the perfume that they gave off. Olia all the kitchen, what a pity not to have them all year ... The ice cream is great if you have occasion to do it because there are no more crumbs ...

40 g of milk powder
50g of inverted sugar
100g of sugar (sugar gets to the taste of each one, the more sweet sugar we will have)
100g of milk
25g of cream
250g of mascarpone cheese
500g of raspberries (if they are homemade better) I made the ice cream with my mother's harvest raspberries.


We put all the ingredients in the thermomix or blender and mix until we have a cream . Once we have the cream, I passed it through a Chinese to eliminate the raspberries nuggets in this way.

Next we put the cream in the fridge about 60 minutes. Then I put it in a tupper and the freezer. Take half an hour before the freezer and serve as you like.
If we do not have a refrigerator, it is important to remove from time to time to avoid the ice cream crystallize.